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Product delivery options

All our programs are available for download from this web-site. Please, note that only trial versions (i.e. the versions that have functional or temporal limitations) can be downloaded.

In order to get the fully-functional version of a program and remove restrictions and limitations you need to register the program, i.e. to purchase the license to use it.

The physical confirmation of your purchase is the receiving of the registration code for the program. When the code is entered, all restrictions will be removed and you will get the fully-functional program.

Therefore, the primary method of the program delivery is Electronic Software Delivery (ESD), i.e. the receipt of the registration code for removing restrictions and limitations from the trial version of the program by email after paying the price of the license.

Note that you will be invoiced electronically and you will get your PDF invoice via email. The license will be delivered to you in some minutes after the payment is completed (if you pay by credit card or PayPal) or some later, depending of the used payment method.

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