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19 July 2018

New version of Send Personally for Outlook is available!

We are happy to present a new version of Send Personally. This Outlook app allows you to send personalized emails when you do a group mailing. The final recipient will see only his/her name in the 'To' field and greeting lines. All other recipient names will be hidden.

An extremely useful feature has been added in the new version - the add-in now supports sending personal Outlook Calendar and Tasks items such as appointments, meeting invitations, and assigned tasks. A commonly occurring scenario illustrate this feature’s usefulness: let's imagine that you assign the same task to several different team members and you need them not to be aware of who else is working with this task. This case can be described as a kind of brainstorming or speed test. The new feature of Send Personally is an ideal solution for these purposes. Similar needs can appear for calendar appointments or meeting invitations and Send Personally allows to resolve them as well.

Personalized meeting invitation in Outlook

The other great and in-demand feature added is the new macro: '%USERMIDDLENAME%' - it can be used for inserting a second name or nickname from the proper contact field. It's really a new opportunity for personalization - John "Captain" Smith instead of just the official-sounding John Smith - it's really cool. We have also optimized %USERFIRSTNAME% and %USERLASTNAME% macros to retrieve the mail recipient's Firstname and Lastname more carefully.

You are welcome to update the add-in on the Send Personally for Outlook homepage.

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