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5 December 2017

New version of Print Tools for Outlook!

We would like to present a new version of Print Tools for Outlook - the 'must-have' add-in for all who are facing with daily printing tasks from Microsoft Outlook. This smart tool allows you to print both Outlook emails and attached files (included archived ones) automatically, using a range of settings. It means that you will always have all required documents (such as orders, invoices, projects, requests . etc.) printed without spending your time and efforts.

Printing Outlook emails and attachments automatically

The main improvement in the presented version of Print Tools is a general optimization of the printing process for the tasks when you need to print a huge number of email messages and/or attachments. This optimization can significantly speed up the printing process and minimize the probability of failures when large number of items should be printed. Actually, tasks, when you need to print large number of email items, cannot be recognized as wide-common tasks, however we had some user requests regarding this issue and it was a real motivation for updating of add-in's printing mechanism to optimize the process and exclude any kind of dissatisfaction related with mass printing.

As usual, you can learn all improvements in the new version and also update the software at the Print Tools for Outlook homepage.

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