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22 February 2019

Meet a new version of the E-mail Follow-Up for Outlook!

We would like to announce a new version of the E-mail Follow-Up for Outlook. This simple and handy add-in informs you about your unanswered outcoming messages and allows to send follow-up reminders to your contact for such conversations.

E-mail Follow-Up for Outlook

In the new version of the product you can use add-in commands from the inline replies composed directly in the reading pane (this feature is supported in Outlook 2019-2013) and the add-in commands are also added to the main 'Message' ribbon tab. We also have added the support of IMAP e-mail accounts. The full list of new features and fixes is available on the product version history page.

You can update the app on the E-mail Follow-up for Outlook homepage.

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