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28 November 2017

Actual Contacts for Outlook is updated!

Actual Contacts for Outlook is a handy add-in that allows you to keep your Outlook contacts data updated anytime. You just can send special email message with update request to your contacts and get back the actualized data. The add-in also provide the capabilities to enrich the information about your contact by getting additional details (for example title, division, etc.) and organize simple surveys.

Actual Contacts for Outlook

In the presented new version of Actual Contacts, we updated the deployment process for the users with limited permissions on the PC. The result of these changes is a clear process of installation/deployment and proper display in the limited user's Outlook toolbars. We also added the support for mail profile with multiple Exchange accounts.

You are welcome to update the add-in on the Actual Contacts for Outlook homepage.

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