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10 September 2019

New version of Mail Merge Toolkit for Outlook is available!

We would like to present a new version of Mail Merge Toolkit - the Outlook app that brings you really great mail merging features and provides efficient and intelligent bulk mailings including personalized attachments and much more.

The new release of the product (v.4.2) includes two features that makes your operations with mailings more optimized and convenient.

Firstly, you can save copies of the generated attachment files to specified folder. This works both for RTF and HTML/MHT attachments and may be applicable in the cases when you need these files for further usage or for archive purposes.

Save copies of generated attachments

Secondly, we offer useful maintenance feature now: if any issues with the app are occur, you can easily send product operation logs to the MAPILab Support Team for the fastest and qualified resolving. This feature is a really time-saver, especially when you need to use the app 'here and now' and, for example, have any troubles or misunderstanding during product testing.

Send app logs for maintenance

The newest version of the product can be obtained on the Mail Merge Toolkit homepage.

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