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19 July 2019

The new version of Mail Merge Toolkit is available.

We are glad to introduce a new version of Mail Merge Toolkit - the ultimate tool for advanced mass mailing from your Outlook with the highest level of personalization.

Measuring email campaign performance is an essential feature for any kind of bulk mailing: using these figures, the sender can understand the results of a mailing campaign. This knowledge allows improvement and correction of email content to achieve more better results in further mailings.

Thousands of Mail Merge Toolkit users use the app as a tool for distributing commercial offers, advertising, direct sales and so on. In these cases, basic analytics is strongly required. Surely, most modern email distribution services offer a range of reporting features by default. But what can we apply in the case of a standalone app that just extends Outlook features? We resolved this issue by offering well-known and popular Google Analytics as the foundation of email tracking in the Mail Merge Toolkit.

Email campaign results in Google Analytics

So now you can easily activate the tracking feature in Mail Merge Toolkit, pull up your campaign in Google Analytics, and get data about opened and read emails from your mailout.

You can find a step-by-step description for all the stages described above in the corresponding blog article Tracking mail merge in Word, Outlook and Publisher. We also need to note that the email tracking feature is available in the Mail Merge Toolkit PRO edition only (but keep in mind that if you have the Standard edition and need email tracking as well, you always can purchase the edition upgrade for the exact price difference - please contact our sales team).

The latest version of the product can be obtained on the Mail Merge Toolkit homepage.

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