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11 April 2017

Quick Templates for Outlook has been updated!

Outlook Reply Templates HotkeysThe new version of Quick Templates (v., the Outlook add-in that inserts text templates into email messages, is available.

There are two non-critical but important bug fixes in the new version.

  • First, the error "Error loading custom UI" has been fixed. This error notification appeared when users tried to forward Calendar items or Tasks in Outlook 2016 and 2013.
  • The second bug fix is related to the pluginís hotkeys: if a user set up a custom hotkey in Quick Templates identical to a 'native' Outlook hotkey (for example 'Ctrl+Shift+R' - 'Reply All'), an error message appeared. Now that scenario works in the following way: the native system hotkey will work first, (a new 'Reply All' message window will be opened in our example) and the next use of that hotkey will insert the user's template into this message.

We encourage you to update your software on the Quick Templates for Outlook homepage.

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