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30 January 2017

Improvement in Mail Merge Toolkit operation with large lists

Mail Merge Toolkit We are happy to inform you about a new release of Mail Merge Toolkit, a plug-in that significantly expands the options for merging documents in Outlook, Word, and Publisher, allowing highly efficient sending of personalized email messages to a recipient list in Microsoft Office.

In this version, the programís operation with an atypical situation for modern computers: when a mailing list is very large and the available operating memory is not adequate. Users have told us that in some cases, difficulties with mail-outs have occurred on older computers. Note that Mail Merge Toolkit has been on the market for almost 10 years and supports all editions of Microsoft Office starting with Microsoft Office XP up to todayís Office 2016.

The MAPILab team is always happy to get feedback from users and is ready to consider all suggestions concerning the development of our programs.

You can download the new version of this program from the Mail Merge Toolkit homepage.

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